I’m having problems with the delivery company, can you help?

Customer care are always delighted to look into a parcel query if your parcel is running late,however there are occasions when it maybe faster to contact the local delivery depot with any direct questions as they can often provide an instant answer:

DPD Local

If your parcel was sent using DPD local and you have been sent an email or text message from DPD with a tracking number,this will contain the information needed to contact your local depot who can rearrange deliveries or track a parcel for you.

The below information is only for customers who have been sent a tracking number from us with a DPD tracking reference number.

DPD deliveries

Royal Mail deliveries

If you have been sent a parcel by Royal Mail,we ask you to contact your local Royal Mail delivery depot to determine if you have any parcels on hold at your local office.

More often than not cases of "Missing" parcels are simply the case that Royal Mail has attempted delivery and failed to leave a whilst you were out calling card.

You can locate your local delivery depot by clicking here

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