Missing item(s) or parts

If your order has arrived and you think something is missing we first ask you check your dispatch email or paper work from us as this will detail any items such as:

  • Items sent direct from supplier
  • Items refunded due to stock shortages
  • Items to follow

What does the above statuses mean?

Items sent direct from supplier-

Items marked with the code DD- are what we call direct dispatch deliveries which means the item is being sent direct from the manufacturer and maybe subject to an extended delivery time frame,this is often detailed on the product web page below the product description so its worth checking the product web page for information as a guideline for estimated delivery date.

Items refunded due to stock shortage

In some rare instances a product maybe out of stock at the time of picking and packing the order,and the time frame for sending this as a separate consignment may cause severe delay or the product may now be discontinued, in these circumstances we will refund the value of the item back to the payment method in which you paid and the credit will be raised within 2-3 working days of the dispatch date.

If you get a refund email prior to the delivery arriving the refund and stock reason will be contained on the packing note inside your parcel.

Items to follow

In some instances your paperwork maybe marked with a star and a note which reads to follow,this simply means that at the time of picking and packing your order this particular item was not in stock but we do have a delivery due into us,in this circumstance to avoid disappointment we would send what stock is available and the remaining item would follow on a later delivery.

If the order does not have these notes please contact us

It is essential this form is used for an investigation to be opened and within 7 working days of your order arriving as we only have a limited time to raise a request for missing items.

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