School,Charity and NHS Orders

We supply many Schools,Charity and NHS trusts across the UK and offer several ordering options as follows:

We are happy to accept orders from Schools, Universities, College's and Council Sectors and many National Charities, we can accept an official purchase order via fax or email or by placing the order online.

Please read this email about placing your order as it contains very important information which will allow your order to be processed.

 A minimum order of £10 of goods plus postage of £3.95 is required to process a purchase order so you can be invoiced,please note if your order is under £10 you can still order but you would need to use a credit or debit card on a prepaid basis.

Purchase orders and orders which require invoicing for goods can be placed in 3 ways:

  •  Email- if you choose to send your order by email it is important you send your order as an attachment in either PDF or word document format.

We cannot accept your order as a stand alone email, the order must be on official letter headed paper signed by somebody authorised to make an order or the order should be on an official purchase order.
With emailed orders please allow 2-3 days for these to be inputted into our system by staff.

  •  Online through our website and select Purchase order / Invoice at checkout 

This is the quickest and easiest way for you to place your website and does not require credit or debit cards for payment, you simply add the items to your basket and then proceed to checkout and select the invoice option, this means your order will be processed on the same day and dispatched, so its quicker and easier.

Or send a fax on the school or charity order form or letter head to 0844 357 6738

Please note faxed orders must be on a letterhead or an official purchase order.
The fax MUST contain a contact telephone number, full name and email address for the person placing the order.

Please note ONLINE orders do not require a credit or debit card and you will be invoiced for your order, all you need to do is select the Purchase order / invoice option at the checkout stage.
Online orders are usually dispatched the same day whereas orders sent by Fax or Email can be delayed especially during busier times such as Christmas or End of Financial year.

So if at all possible we ask you enter your order on our website and doing it this way also means you qualify for free delivery on orders over £100 whereas on faxed and emailed orders we will charge postage on each order on all values.
Online orders also qualify for loyalty points which redeem as a basic 5% discount on your next order, please however note faxed and emailed orders do not qualify.

  • Please include the following information on your order if you are sending it by fax or email.
  • 1. A hard-copy of you official purchase order enclosing the order as an attached PDF document
  • 2. Your order must have a purchase order number. 
  • 3. A contact name for delivery and accounts. 
  • 4. A contact telephone number for the delivery. 
  • 5. Contact email address to confirm the order and dispatch.

We will then be able to invoice your school or charity for goods on credit terms.

Invoice terms are typically 30 days for schools and local authority customers.

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