The "Try Me" button doesn't work. Is my toy faulty?

The "Try Me" buttons/switches that appear on many of today's battery operated products are designed to demonstrate what the product does. In other words the "Try Me" function acts like a "demo function" and the aim is to demonstrate what sounds, noises and or some of the actions the toy makes. In order to cut costs, manufacturers sometimes fit their toys/products with "Demo" batteries that are usually much weaker in strength and not meant to last. These "Demo" batteries have a very short lifespan and are only meant to last while on the store shelf.

If your toy/product has a "Try Me" button and it doesn't work, do not worry. There is a very high likelihood that the batteries are flat and need replacement. Unfortunately, flat batteries are not covered by a warranty issue as they are not regarded as faulty. To fix the problem, customers are simply advised to replace the batteries.

However, if you discover that after inserting new batteries (particularly those of good quality) that the toy/product refuses to work, check that you have inserted the batteries with the polarity orientated in the correct way. Also, check if there is an on/off switch somewhere as they can be cleverly hidden from view.

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